Update on shooting

When the shooter is transgender and you a pedophile.

What an irony

The men said: 

We don't call anyone with our problems because no one gives a shit. And instead of at least a few words of support, they hear in response: 

Fuck you are whining here, you are not the only one, look how difficult it is for women.

10 depreciation out of 10.

The most obvious example of what men mean when they say that no one gives a shit about their feelings.

Professional chefs share secrets

1. Remember, you can always add, but you will not be able to remove it.

2. Salt, pepper, acid make almost any dish richer.

3. The smell of compatibility is very similar to the taste. If you are not sure about the combination of spices, open the jars and smell them together. If the aroma is pleasant, then the taste in the dish will also be good.

4. The law of the kitchen – the falling knife has no handle. Don't try to catch him, let him fall.

5. When you are cooking with someone, always warn if you are in the back, especially if you have something hot in your hands.

6. If the food seems bland, it is not always due to a lack of salt. Most likely, there is not enough acid. Use lemon juice or vinegar. Alternatively, add tomatoes. They are acidic and are combined with many foods. If the dish is too sour, then butter and a little sugar will help to even out the balance.

7. Hotter doesn't mean faster. If you cook on a very high heat, the outside of the dish will be charred, and the inside will remain raw. Heat should be used if it is appropriate. But you should not throw food into a frying pan that is too cold. If they are heated together with the oil, then at some point the moisture contained in them will boil. It will turn out something boiled, but not fried.

8. Taste what you have prepared before serving. Our line cook has always tasted food, even if he has cooked this dish thousands of times.

9. Wash and clean the kitchen as needed. Don't need a cutting board anymore? Wash it and put it away before proceeding to the next stage of cooking. A clean kitchen makes life easier.

10. You will get more pleasure from cooking if you work with a sharp knife. I don't understand how you can cut vegetables and meat with a blunt knife. No need to buy an expensive knife. A regular one for $ 30, and a sharpener for $ 5 will last you a very long time.

11. If you cook for your loved ones, but something went wrong, do not apologize when everyone is eating. You don't have to say that you screwed up at all. No one may notice it.

12. Before you start cooking, you need to put everything you need in the recipe. Measure out all the necessary ingredients, chop onions, peel potatoes and other vegetables, grease a frying pan with oil, season the meat with spices.

13. If the dish is tasteless, add a little fat. If it doesn't help, add a little salt. Didn't help again? Add a little lemon juice or vinegar. Still tasteless? Then go ahead with herbs, vegetables and spices. All this can be done when the dish is almost ready, in the later stages of cooking. There are ingredients that combine several flavors. Olive oil is fatty and bitter. The cheese is greasy, slightly salty and sour. Soy sauce is very salty and slightly bitter. Citrus zest is very bitter and slightly sour.

14. Measure by weight, not by volume. Everyone has different glasses, and if we are talking about flour, then its volume depends on the saturation of air. If you pour sifted flour into a glass and shake, the volume will begin to decrease. If the recipe says, take a glass of flour, take 130 grams, you will not be mistaken.

15. When cooking vegetables, think about how they will then look in a plate. It is always better to deal with a whole vegetable, from which you need to cut off a part before eating, than with an incomprehensible small porridge that you have to eat with a spoon.

Spacious Studio Apartment

Original ad:
Hello. I am a responsible young professional looking to sublet a studio or 1 br apt in or around East village. I am looking to move in on Mar 15. 2000/mo is my budget. Thans

From Me to **********@********.org:


I am leaving for London on business and need to sublet my studio apartment immediately. It is a beautiful spacious apartment in the East Village (near Tompkins Square Park). Rent is $1750/month and you can move in as soon as February 25th. Please let me know if you are interested.



From Ari ****** to Me:

Hi Mike thanks for responding. A few questions: how big is the apt? how long can is the lease til? do you have any pics or a floor plan? I want to move in on mar 15- is that ok?

From Me to Ari ******:

March 15th is fine with me. The apartment is 370 square feet. I don't have any pictures, but I have included a floor plan to give you an idea of the layout of the apartment. The lease is up in November 2011, but you have the option to renew if you wish. Please let me know if you have any more questions about the apartment.


Attachments:From Ari ****** to Me:

Mike did you send me the wrong plan or is there really a pool in your apartment.

From Me to Ari ******:

Oh, yes. I should have mentioned the pool. I had an exercise pool installed in the apartment because I was training for a swimming marathon. It is a really nice pool. It is 39 inches deep with powerful jets and a vinyl liner. The pool is great if you like to swim.


From Ari ****** to Me:

Thats a pretty important thing to forget to mention, doncha think?! It takes up the whole f-ing apartment! How is there no bathroom?? Where am I supposed to shower and sleep?

From Me to Ari ******:

I know, it is a really nice pool. I usually use the kitchen as the bathroom. You can either pee in the sink, or out the window. The window overlooks an alley behind 5th St, and most of the time nobody walks below you. Even if you do piss on someone, you are on the 7th floor so they will probably have no idea where it came from. By the time it hits them, you will most likely be zipped up and have the window shut. The sink has a garbage disposal in case you need to take a dump.

Showering? You don't need to shower - you have a pool! Just go for a swim any time you are trying to wash off.

Sleep? I've got that covered too. I have an extremely comfortable pool raft I sleep on. It is like sleeping on a waterbed! It has a couple of cup holders you can put your phone/keys/beer/whatever in. I'll include this with the apartment for an extra $10.

I am free tomorrow if you want to check the place out and fill out the sublet papers.


From Ari ****** to Me:

Hmm well yes that does sound nice, but I am looking for a place where I dont have to shit in my sink and sleep in a goddamn pool. Come on man! Good luck finding someone to rent you'll need it!

From Me to Ari ******:

You don't have to shit in the sink, it is just an option. You can also shit out the window, or shit in a bucket next to the window and dump it out the window. There is an Indian restaurant that backs up to the alley, so it already smells like shit down there.

At least come over and try my raft before you decide that sleeping in a pool is a bad thing. I'll even throw in a couple of pool noodles for free.


From Ari ****** to Me:

Stop trying to sell me your POS apartment, if you can even call it that. You know what makes an apartment an apartment? A bed. Bathroom. Furnature. NOT A FUCKING POOL.

Why am I arguing with you? This is fucking ridiculous. Conversation over.

From Me to Ari ******:

Why are you so afraid of sleeping in this pool? Be honest, do you not know how to swim? If so, I can give you the number of a good lifeguard I know.

From Ari ****** to Me:

Shut the hell up. I hope you drown in your pool!

If you are normal, you have got to be MAD!