I've been divorced for a long time, I get to know men, I'm over 30. I often see deeply unhappy men who were somehow used and offended by women. And I grab for their jambs on myself. Namely, if his ex-wife has robbed him to the skin, then all of you are mercantile women. If she cheated, then all of you are whores, etc.

 Frankly, it's a shame. My divorce from my husband was hard for me, after that I hated men fiercely for two years and just waited until time passed and I calmed down. And yes, time really heals. So dear men, not all women are bad, it's just that a black streak has passed in your life. Just give yourself time, don't get acquainted with anyone, come to your senses, do your favorite things, let it be a year, two, up to at least five years, it doesn't matter. Give yourself the opportunity to come to your senses and after that, refreshed, with new thoughts, you will be able to meet women and have a good time. I wish all of us love and understanding :) Hugs

"The incident in the park"

A friend tells me. I was 14. I was walking through the park from training. There was an asshole 25 years old who suddenly wanted to arrange a farewell to my virginity. He has a fractured jaw, and I have my virginity in place and a statement of moderate harm to health. Fortunately, the police figured it out and forced him to take away his report. Because it's not a good idea to try to rape a girl who is coming from a training session in hand-to-hand combat.

If you are normal, you have got to be MAD!