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    I'm ashamed that my boyfriend bit off my earlobe in a "outburst of passion". Hospital, operation, but we did not part, I was able to forgive him. Now he's trying to bite my nipple off! I think to take revenge on him and, during a blowjob, bite so that he remembers for the rest of his life.

    I got the message that my grandma had died just as I was about to cum. It was very hard...

    Recently I took a pen from a classmate (who once slapped me in the ass) and forgot to give it back. At home, I jerked off with it and gave it to him. In class, I saw him nibbling on it..

    My brother and I don't look alike at all. I love warmth - he is cold, I am calm - he is hyperactive. Even in appearance we are very different. As if not same parents. And so, when I turned 18, my mother showed me the papers, where it is written that we are both adopted. Wedding is soon)))

    I'm ashamed that my girlfriend is beating me up. Once I was drunk and she started to beat me, and she realized that she was stronger than me. Now I can't get away from her, because she will kill me...

    They put me in the hospital. Went to the toilet. I open the door and it doesn't work. I pulled harder - a kid with a bare ass flew out. It turned out he shit and held the door with his hand because there was no lock. Ashamed..

    I am ashamed that I met my first man at an abandoned construction site and gave myself to him there. He said that this was his building and that construction would begin soon, saying that he had a lot of money and all that. And then it turned out that he lives at this construction site. He is a bum. I was 14 and had no brain.

    Recently, in the yard where I live, such a shame happened. An ambulance arrived and everyone began to look through the windows, for whom, what happened, and so on. It turned out that a young neighbor (13 years old) put a battery in her ass and walked with it for a day. And when everything there started to hurt her, she confessed to her parents and they called an ambulance))) Now I call her energizer))

    Once in a math class, I urgently needed to fart. A brilliant idea came to mind: what if I drop my textbook and fart at the same time! I dropped my textbook, everyone looked at me. And then I farted ... loudly.

    I love eating salted fish, but I don't want to get my hands dirty. So I ask my mother to clean it and put it in my mouth, and in return she makes me clap my hands and make sounds like a seal ....

    Somehow, a priest was invited to our school, like that he would tell us some kind of game there. It got to the point that he says they say "masturbation is a big sin." Then I asked him "have you ever dealt with this sin?". And he silently nodded with a sad look: "Yes, it happened."

    Smoked on the balcony. Upstairs neighbor tried to put out my cigarette with spitting. He succeeded. Camel, bitch.

    My brother works at a car dealership. I don’t understand at all how his psyche can withstand, he says, he’s already used to it, at first it was points. Cars are often brought there after an accident. More than once it was necessary to scrape the brains from the leather interior, to wash off the dried blood stains. There were cases that severed body parts, fingers, hands, feet, arms, legs, etc. were found in pretty dented cars. Here, probably, like doctors, immunity to such terrible things is developed over time.


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