Or maybe all the troubles are from women?

  1. 2 weeks ago


    Jun 19 Admin + 1743 RP USA 2021

    Recently, arrests of corrupt officials have been on everyone’s lips. He stole enough to buy a small island, they found a huge yacht in the pool in the backyard, he shits in a golden toilet. And pay attention, almost all these thieves are men! No, not in the sense that they are good fellows and were able to get to the money, but in a direct, physiological way.
    Now let’s think together what a typical man needs. Does he need his own palaces and carriages to constantly worry that they will be robbed, or even taken away? Of course not!
    The guy won’t stand out. Well, he will buy himself a nice house in an elite village, buy a brand new Mercedes and an expensive watch … Well, that’s it, this is where his imagination will most likely end. He doesn’t need wardrobes full of clothes and gold toilets. Why would he need to prove something to someone, if life is already a success?
    Not to be unfounded, let me remind you that many billionaires wear ordinary old jeans and T-shirts. And some local oligarchs (we will not name names) even post photos wearing socks with holes in them.
    Then why are they stealing so much? It’s very simple - for the sake of women! Each of them has a young wife or mistress, and sometimes even several.
    And now they are already measured with fur coats, handbags and rings at the price of a Boeing, and not an airplane, but a factory. And what is man gonna do? Not buy another wish list, the girl will suddenly fall in love with another pot-bellied old man and go to him. Is this the case? So they have to plunder state property tirelessly …


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