About Us

Our fucking creative!

Who's to say who we are exactly? What do we do? What do we produce?

Nothing! We do absolutely nothing. I created this space so I can say and do whatever the fuck I want, without being censored/deleted/banned/replaced/bitched at/ .etc

I really don't care who will join or will they join. That's not my concern. This website is NOT making me any money. This website is not advertised anywhere, nor that it contains any sort of baits.

Depressed, bored or flat out just have nothing to do? Use this site as a get away place. Post whatever you want and enjoy normalized atmosphere, that this world has a lack of.

This days Normal is not called normal anymore. If you are normal, you have got to be MAD!

Why is this needed?

To watch/post funny pictures/photos/videos/whatever and burn through your stupid life.

You can also try to troll someone, but if you don't have the proper skills, you risk getting a butt-hurt.

Remember, we do not guarantee you peace of mind, love and adoration. We welcome intellectual trolling and interesting content. If you're ready for this, join us and have some fun! 

Excuse: If someone got a mental injury after reading our site, then he/she can go fuck them self's, because you should not fuck around on sites like this!

Have a nice day!

If you are normal, you have got to be MAD!