The dancing is over

"A teacher in Brazil was fired for shooting obscene dances for TikTok in a class": The girl taught English according to the Brazilian system using the "dirty dancing" method, but the authorities did not appreciate her approach.

"Some are too hot to work at school. A dancing lover has reportedly been fired from her teaching position for sexually dancing with students and videos on TikTok. Brazilian Sibelli Ferreira taught English all over the world, and her last lesson was at one of the language schools. To captivate the students, she started dancing with them in class. Ferreira began posting videos of her "classes" on social networks along with videos after lessons, and gathered 9.7 million subscribers on TikTok and 1.2 million on Instagram. Her pages are full of videos where a young teacher shakes her hips and shakes her ass next to students in class and poses alone outside the classroom in swimsuits and other outfits. Ferreira has several pages on erotic sites, including OnlyFans and PornHub. "As an adult woman who needed additional income, I was looking for other forms of monetization. My mom, for example, knows this and accepts it very well," Sibelli Milegno said. It is reported that Ferreira received a degree in biology from the Federal University of Lavras in Brazil and won awards in mathematics. "School is a safe and stable place for me. But I get paid much more for content on social networks," she admitted"

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