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Ranking System

Ranking System

We have introduced ranking system. To achieve it, is very simple. Be active. Don't be a Lab Rat 1

Yes, borrowed from CS:Danger Zone

MadWay Android App

We now have a MadWay App for Android. You can download it from Google App store here:

Android only. Since I do not own any Apple product, it will be sometime before it is available.

The news updates

If for some reason there is nothing new on this web site, that means I haven't found anything interesting to post.

The internet is full of:

  • politics,
  • war,
  • gender crap,
  • BLM's,
  • Hollywood,
  • Racism,
  • Homophobia

and so on...

It is hard to find useful content that is NOT depressing.

So, feel free to help.

MadWay Merch!

Ever ponder how it is possible to be more of a douchebag than you already are? Well, wait no more. With our help with this lame ass Hanes t-shirts or a hoodie, finally be at the level of doucheness you dreamed of.

Available in all colors and sizes. Man or female. So even your fat wife can wear it to McDonalds.

Kids? No problem. This will make a great gift to the dumb asses.

New platform is in motion

Like title says, we have been changing platforms left and right. Because there is not much activity going on, I'm trying to see what would be the best fit. Everything got it's +'s and -'s. Due to my nature, nothing is ever good enough. Every day I try to adjust, change color pellet and so on.

And hopefully, this will be the final end. Patience is the key here, which I do not have :(

The old platform will still be available as an "Archive" mode. Located here:

If you are normal, you have got to be MAD!