At home? impossible, there are three children at home

Everyone has known for a long time that the boss fucks a young girl from another department. He is a rich, handsome man with a character, anyone would not resist, although he is married, three children. She is a girl with beautiful breasts, a beautiful waist, blonde hair to the waist, legs from the ears. No matter how they hide, we, the office plankton, have long figured them out. Although they arrive separately, they leave too, but the way they fuck in the office is very audible. When she comes into his office, we automatically catch the silence and listen. And yesterday we were eating together and got shocked when we found out that it was his wife, the mother of three children. So many questions that have no answers… We thought she was 25 years old. But their eldest daughter is already in the ninth grade.

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11-19-22, 02:21

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