Wife wants to have a "beautiful life"

Do you know what else besides a mother-in-law can poison a married man's life?
My wife's friends.

It started relatively recently. So that you understand, my wife and I have never lived very richly.

I work as an ordinary worker in a factory. And I worked there all my life, that is, when we first started dating, my wife knew who she was dealing with. It was to an ordinary worker from the factory that she agreed to marry. And for several years we lived normally. But then one of her friends had a new boyfriend.

First he took her on a trip to Italy, then on March 8 he presented her with a set of jewelry with jewels. And after a year of courtship, he proposed to his girlfriend with all the attributes of Hollywood films: a diamond ring and a bouquet of 100 flowers and 1 rose.

I'm tired of listening to my wife's enthusiastic stories about what a cool fiance her girlfriend has. But then the stories were replaced by reproaches. Unfortunately for me, my wife and her friend got pregnant almost at the same time. And, since they now have twice as many common topics for conversation, the wife began to spend even more time with her. And after each meeting, she brings me a carload of her tears and reproaches.

Here's a girlfriend going to a sanatorium, here she has the best gynecologist in town, a girlfriend has already ordered an expensive crib from Italy for a baby, here her husband gave her a gold pendant – congratulated her on pregnancy and so on… And what about us? The gynecologist is ordinary, there is no money for a sanatorium, relatives gave us a crib after their child, and I never gave gold to my wife after the wedding. And I listen to about such a list of reproaches every time after my wife meets with her.

I understand that you always want better, more, but you can't jump above your head either. I'm tired of listening to all this. I am an ordinary worker and we should not even dream of traveling abroad.

But recently my wife was visited by a "brilliant" idea. She found out that her friend would give birth in a private maternity hospital, and wished the same. And it costs like my three salaries. Where can I get so much money? But my wife came up with everything. She wants me to get a second job. And yet she is serious.

She constantly pushing job ads at me, signing me up for interviews. She argues the need for a second job by the fact that we already live from paycheck to paycheck, and she will soon go on maternity leave, and we will not have enough money at all.

That's so, but what should I do? I get tired, I don't see white light, home than work..

If I get another job, I'll be working almost all the time. And when then to live? I have my own interests and hobbies. I want to meet friends too.

How can I calm my wife and make her accept that we live as we live, and there is nothing to constantly look up to others?

Or am I wrong?

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