Surrogate Father

This was in response to an ad looking for surrogate mothers. The ad is long and boring, so I'll sum it up: they pretty much pay healthy women a lot of money to carry another couple's baby.

From Me to ************@***********.org:


I saw your ad looking for surrogate mothers, and was wondering if you had any openings for a surrogate father. I am willing to sacrifice my body for families who cannot have a child. I would get the sperm intended for the surrogate mother inserted into my balls, and then impregnate the surrogate mother through passoniate intercourse, to assure that the baby is conceived in a more natural environment. Nobody wants a freak petri dish baby as their child.

I saw that compensation was $25,000 for the mother. Since I am doing all of the hard work, however, I am asking for $50,000 as compensation. Also, the surrogate mother must fit the following criteria:

- 18 to 24 years old
- Brunette or Blonde (no redheads)
- Not too short, but not taller than me because that is just weird
- Breast size of C cup or larger
- Not fat
- She must shave "down there"
- STD free (although chlamydia is okay because I already have that)

I look forward to hearing from you. If possible, please send a list of potential surrogate mothers for me to knock up, and include pictures. I will get back to you with who I want to impregnate first.



From Mary ********* to Me:


There is no "surrogate father" program. Sorry.

Mary *********

From Me to Mary *********:


Surely there are some fathers who would want this. Just ask your clients if they would be interested in my services. I am sure you will get a positive response.

I forgot to mention that any potential surrogate mothers you have for me must be willing to do anal.



From Mary ********* to Me:

What is wrong with you? Let me be very clear: there will never be a surrogate father program. One can't simply get another's sperm placed in their "balls." Frankly, your demands are disgusting and you are making a mockery of our program. Do not contact me again.

From Me to Mary *********:

Oh, come on. What demands were disgusting? The anal sex? Studies show that women are 75% more likely to get pregnant if they take it in the ass first.

Believe me, this is not about the sex for me. I just want to help our country's most precious resource: our children. They are our future, you know. You hate children, don't you? By refusing my services, you may as well be working at an abortion clinic.

Please reconsider,


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