Lack of desires

I do not know what I want - for myself personally

I can perfectly describe what needs to be done now for loved ones/ for work, but I don't want anything for myself personally

Some hobbies/phone/car/travel/some new food / new sensations / romance on the side - nothing is interesting by and large. I can do fine without all this. I'm not bored.

But I am always very happy for my loved ones when everything is fine with them.

I went to a local famous psychologist and even to a psychiatrist, they didn't reveal any depression in me, and I don't feel anything like that myself. They told me to rest, take a vacation. I'm not complaining about anything. It's just that over the years, probably, such a character has developed.

Maybe this is happiness - the absence of desires?

This is not life

I am absolutely convinced that the eight-hour working day is obsolete! A hundred years ago, when it was adopted, the technologies were less developed and the production speed was less, now everything is different. It's also a number… Eight, damn, supposedly a third of life to work, a third to sleep, a third to family. And in our world, what is the third?!

The working day lasts eight hours + an hour lunch + two (if successful) hours on the way from home to work and back. It turns out eleven hours for work and for what is connected with it. Healthy sleep is eight hours a day. Total: only five hours to live. And all this 5-6 days a week. Somehow it turns out very little

If you are normal, you have got to be MAD!