Quentin Tarantino and the joke of the giant dildo

On the sets of Quentin Tarantino it is strongly discouraged to fall asleep.

Show The director, a guest of the Conan O'Brien , told of the joke that he and his crew usually play on the set to those who fall asleep:

"It's always bugged me when you're filming at night and suddenly you see a crew member sleeping, or an actor sleeping. That always bothered me, so I came up with something that wouldn't bother me so much." 

Tarantino therefore explained that since 1997, on the set of Jackie Brown , he has brought another "member" of the crew to his sets: Big Jerry .

Big Jerry is nothing more than a huge purple dildo, which the director places as close as possible to the mouth of the unfortunate sleeper to then take a picture of him.

In the 90s, Polaroid cameras were the masters on the sets, used by set designers, costume designers, make-up artists, script assistants, etc. to immortalize sets and actors and always have a visual support at hand for the scenes that needed to be connected, shot on different days.

But thanks to digital photography and smartphones, Quentin Tarantino can now take a picture of an actor with Big Jerry even easier.

The rules in force on Tarantino's sets also require that the photo be hung on a bulletin board visible to everyone on the film set.

If the photo is taken out, it will print larger and hang up again. 

What if it's taken off again?

At that point the photo with Big Jerry is printed on t-shirts that are given to the whole crew.

So if you ever find yourself on a Tarantino set… don't fall asleep!

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