Motorcyclist Who Identifies As Bicyclist

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  1. Suq Madiq

    Best comment from YouTube:

    Freedom Lover

    This story was so inspiring. I once identified as a straight white man, just because I was assigned that at birth by a bigoted, close minded, racist homophobe doctor who was clearly culturally and morally bankrupt. Since that time I’ve learned that my true identify - my true self - is an Asian non-binary woman with the pronouns they/them and who sometimes feels like a black man, he/him, who’s been systemically oppressed and persecuted by a patriarchal society dominated by entitled and privileged white men who……you know…….look pretty much like me but only on the outside. Before I became enlightened I thought my sexual attraction to women was just normal male sexist desires, objectifying women into sex slaves. Now, as a proud lesbian, I feel much better about my sexual desires for women. 

    Wow…… I feel so much better! 

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